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Posted by Clemence Basilshot on July 23, 2016, noon


So ye want to set sail, eh? That’s a pretty tall order in these waters, especially since the Shipwrights’ Guild decided to go on strike. Not a pirate in the Caribbean truly appreciates shipwrights. They think our job be easy... but have ye ever tried to build a galleon yerself? I didn’t think so.

We shipwrights work tirelessly night and day to provide ye buccaneers with the finest ships in the Caribbean, and how do ye thank us? By blowing holes in each other's ships of course. What else would ye do?

It’s absolutely maddening. We spend all of our time crafting these ships, and the minute ye get even the tiniest scratch, we’re expected to fix it. How about ye consider me feelings for once? A thank ye would go a long way…

Anyhow, after realizing that no ships means no trade... and no trade means no rum, the guild has elected to continue work at all major ports -- effective immediately. That means ye can once again buy ships and sail across the Caribbean as ye please; even those who can’t afford to spend a doubloon will receive a ship. Be careful, though - more than a few pirates have gone missing lately. The waters be open to all, but that doesn’t mean they be safe.

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