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Posted by Sam Storm Chaser on Feb. 22, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Ahoy there! Welcome to Ratskellar! Come on, sit down, have a drink! We won't bite... much.

Have I got a story to tell! It be juicy. Come closer, I don't want any Navy to hear... Can ya hear me? Good. Here's the skinny. In about 10 minutes, the Navy be dockin' a special ship right here on Padres. Me crewmates heard that they'll be loadin' a mysterious cargo onboard and makin' way for some hidden port.

Me plan is simple. Me crew and I are gonna follow em' usin' me ship, and when the gettin's good, we'll rob ‘em blind. A mighty fine plan if I do say so meself...

Ye mates hear those bells? That be the signal! I be off to the docks to see what those redcoats be up to. Fair winds, and enjoy the rum... on me.

TLOPO Teaser - Hidden Secrets (Official HD)00:51

TLOPO Teaser - Hidden Secrets (Official HD)

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