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Posted by Redcrash on March 9, 2017, 1 a.m.

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‘Ello again…

I doubt anybody be readin’ this, but oh well, I suppose I should be startin’ it anyway… Mates, it’s been a long time since I wrote to ye last .

Things ‘ere in Ol’ Beckett’s Quarry ‘ave been bad, puttin’ mildly. Beckett’s men be quite violent when dealin’ with us poor sods. Neban th’ Silent be takin’ special care to make sure I be doin’ me work…

Truth is, I ain’t been pullin’ me own weight, not since Edgar went missin’. I wanna save me energy so I can find new clues. He’s gotta out there. I won’t give up. Not me, mates.

Ye know what’s been nice? Th’ lovely gypsy ladies ‘ere on Padres. They keep comin’, sneakin’ us old salts some food n’ water an’ th’ occasional jug o’ rum… heh heh. I’ve been givin’ ‘em some details on what’s been goin’ on in here with th’ Navy an’ th’ EITC. Ye mates already know they be up to no good. Takin’ us here n’ there, diggin’ everywhere. They ain’t just here fer rocks. Thar’s somethin’ else buried under th’ volcano, I reckin’... I’m gonna find out what it is, an’ methinks it’ll lead straight to Ol’ Edgar… hopefully.

Jolly’s walkin’ corpses been usin’ ther’ profane magic to wreak some havoc on th’ gypsies, accordin’ to me mate Pegalia. Seems they been raidin’ ther’ stocks fer some voodoo dolls an’ other trinkets. Then, like clockwork, those ugly piles o’ bones run straight fer th’ caves. Methinks they be lookin’ fer th’ same thing th’ Navy is…

Well, mates, that be it fer now. I’ll be writin’ more o’ these, that’s fer sure. Let’s see if ye can find me next drafts hidden under th’ rocks.

Until next time...

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