• Chris Badfoote

    As we all know, Pirates LOVE their gold; me included. Well to be more specific, I love EARNING gold, but I don't enjoy spending it; lately anyways. I currently have two pirates with max gold, 200K each and I don't have anything I want to buy. Just for fun I bought a second Ward Frigate but shortly after that I was max gold again. As a manly Pirate I don't enjoy shopping for clothes, so except for the ocassional tonics and potions I don't have anything else I want/need to buy with my Gold.

    So the purpose of this Blog Post is to find out what you all think is the best use of me Gold!

    If you had max gold what would you buy or NOT buy?

    I know new Brigs are coming out soon, but after they do it'll only a matter of time until I'll be max gold again…

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