Name: Comey Rogers

Birthday: February 8th,1746


Mother and Father: Ruby and Ryan Rogers

Siblings: Lily Shadowknight, 4 second apart twin sister from Comey (changed her name due to EITC hunts and targetted) & Merlin Cheapers (also known by most 'Cheaper' and changed her last name for the same reason as Lily).

Story- Born on Port Royal in the dungeon in Fort Charles after her father and mother had gotten captured smuggling themselves into Tortuga. 4 seconds later her sister Lily was born. By the time they were 5 years old, they had already had experience sneaking onto Kingshead and stealing legendary blades held by the famous EITC guild, Co. Black Guard. That same year they're younger sister, Merlin who is more popularally known as 'Cheaper', was born. Cheaper was then trained as well as Comey and Lily. The family then smuggled themselves to Cuba meeting Tia Dalma and learning the ways of witchcraft and voodoo. Comey the next day had an idea, what if pirates could live in freedom and safety without smuggling themselves and getting caught? She discussed it with her family, then, at that very moment, Ryan had gotten the idea to live in freedom, learning ways to pick jail locks and building trap doors under the houses they lived in.

Ten years later the parents disappeared and left the sisters together in the house on Raven's Cove, back and forth fighting for freedom and living their way.

Current ages of sisters now living in Tortuga-

Comey and Lily: 26

Cheaper: 21

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