I just read up on the article of "Trading is in the works!"... I, for one, have some ideas that i wish to share with the rest of you as well. Me and some of my Guild Mates come up with these too, so i cant take all the credit.



First, every pirate captain you see has a pet right? A parrot, dog, cat monkey, rooster? So wouldnt it be awesome if we could have our own pets? And they could give you certain buffs not obtainable by anything else, Or they could fight for you!


Second Off, a mail system. I know your probably like "But CopE! We al

ready have a chat system!" well i want a MAIL system. what if you have something really important to say to someone and they live on the other side of the world? So when you wake, up they go to sleep, and when you go to sleep, they wake up. You can finally chat with them. Also it could be a way to send items back and forth. Like if your close friend say rents a Nautilus Blade from you (I say "close" cause i wont give my Nautilus Blade to just anyone) and when they want to give it back your not on, they just send it through the mail and you can get it when you log on.


Third, what about an auction house? If you want to sell things and dont want to spam chat (cause you know, your a nice person) then just throw your item in auction and then forget about it. Now of course there will be a time limit and maybe a fee... But still that would make trading alot easier if you just want something out of your inventory. Cause if you dont want it im sure someone else would love to have it. For Example, I have a friend that collects famed and legendarys, now he doesnt have some and one of those that he doesnt have is called an Assassins Cutlass. I got that in a Skull Chest that a Dragoon in Becketts Quarry dropped, the thing was though that my friend said he would pay money for it if he could and I would have sold it to him.


Last, but certainly not least, a bank! Who out there has had a item that they couldnt use but they wanted to use in the near future, so you kept the item in your inventory and eventually it was just taking up space? (Raises hand guiltily) Wouldnt it be awesome if you had somewhere to store these items? Lets say..... A bank! Thats all I have for you, Fair Winds and Happy Plundering!

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