I entered for the fist time to the game in a long time. I got whipped by a Warlord and the blasted ship of the line whats-its-face(hull?) amm Royale. Thn i was in a navy flagship...knocked out...what happened im awsome. And i was in a crew that was sunk when the captaian got of the wheel to a cannon and a newby just had to drive the warship and attacked a Dreadnaut. I need a better cannon ram and more. Therefore im asking for your help because i dont have the patience nor the willingness to figure things out for meself. Either ill sell my soul to roger...wich would totally awsome orr you answer my questions..i have a list.

  • Until what wave you get good cannon rams, in wich serever is there alot of people and at what time?
  • In what server do I privateer to become an admiral(since it was sooo easy for you mr. Sinker pants i mean i have a 17 gold bounty ALONE and the tattoo!)
  • HOWWW do I level up my potions I HATE THEM...but i must finish them to continue ravens cove. That potion for that old creepy yet nice lady Madam Sigma
  • Anything else?

Coyote and Smart Alek Co. 16:16, August 28, 2011 (UTC)

Note: I want to see a Navy Bastion *_O

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