Yes its me! I thought I was gonna have to stop selling tequila in padres..or die old-jolly would take over because there was never going to be something good out on time and...and I would have to turn into a mermaid...merman. But Ou they JOY. Testify! Ship costumization is being done as well as a new ship :D.

Ah.. I remember when the botie hunters came out everyone was so exited about costumization :3. :/ of course there were those trolls that hate oxygen, seabreeze, and life and said we were all pinheads for believing that POTCO would care about us and that they had achieved their goal of making us think they had forgotten about their money conspiracy..(ok thats not exactly what..)because they were middly beaten as little landlubbers. Anyway! Isnt this cool?

Am so happy I might even buy a 6 month membership! I cant wait to take a picture of my Brig with spanish colors :3! Viva el gran Imperio de España!

I still need to find cannon rams though... Score one for me. Take that "Ah the KRAKEN will NEVER come out >.<s" ha! Ajajajajaja JAJAJA *Agression*ja!*takes out crude dagger* JAJA!!!

Coyote and Smart Alek Co. 22:15, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

I left the lost sword of el patron in a catus...i was dru..having alergies to em sand... I must ave left it around there. Litteraly. If you can find it, you can have it.

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