As a man of reason, and because I write blog posts about what people want to talk and express about, I must ask about something we have herd about, like "trading", but not em...explained.

Ive read on several ship pages, like the maurader, reverant and other undead and probably navy ships, that you could buy them (i know-it was on the test server)but that option was taken out. It is complicated for me. I wouldnt buy an undead ship because i bet there would be a pestering pirate who would keep shooting at my ship. I admit the same, as everyone else, I would enjoy owning an enemy look alike ship(and to custumize my ship). Point is....why would they put on the test server the ability to buy enemy ships-for an enourmous prize-and what is the application for that in the game?

Someone obviously knows; I initailly thought buying one would be for a future quest. Please comment! Thanks for enlighting me

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