Ive seen POTCO doing alot of cool things like infamy, the queen annes, new daggers, and ravens cove. The whole story of el patron to today's events. I remember a very smart user had a hypothesis about el patron raiding iska tormenta and being persued by the kraken (getting the black spot). Now that brings me to my point.

POTCO does all these nice things and some are still increadibly upset about....the kraken?!!? Ok they said they would make it, it not like they promised it in 2 weeks or a month. I saw a vidoe on youtube about a "winner" of a privateering contest that happened long ago; he said he got no prize for it and that potco should say bla bla bla we cant make the kraken beacuse we dont care... At the end I was like this: :O that guy needs a life.

Ill spit it out slimy cocroaches arr!: Those who are upstet and always comparing-Stop being upset about the kraken and jones and ENJOY THIS VIRTUAL LITTLE FREE TIME LIFE! It will come out eventually. You saw the QUEEN ANNES REVENGE?! That was cool right, it deseves credit you know. I think so. Remember that scene when they were fighting the kraken on the second movie?

Im actually more upset i dont owe a a lab that bites undead. Like a ship(yunk)yard agressive pitbull dog, german shepard-looking, the prison dog(like a boss dog jaja).

We will cross the kraken, ship of the line, ship costumization, pet, and houses bridge when we get there. Then again these people would complain ooh how long they took. Now me... im about to do the black pearl boss battle quest, going to dominate little french light galleons, and helping, my guild. Enjoy!

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