Here I go again-being one of the unluckiest pirates, yet when I do have luck its huge good luck.

I just got in a new guild that is better than yours that will help me get those cannon rams. Yes, just kidding. Anyway just today I was aboard a ship that had three rare ship materials in loot skull chests. THREE, AND GOING FOR MORE!!! Guess what happened? You guessed it. Also the entrance to the caverns in isla perdida was glitched as so was the entrance to el patrons mines. Yes, i fell straight into el Patron's ship.

Now to make me feel better i will state the things that are good: I finished the ravens cove story quest-defeated el patron VERY easily. I sank a French war galleon and the Battle Royale with my light sloop(in different ocasions because-you should know this-ships in privateer mode get no plunder). Oh whats that? You ask how I did that? For me to know only. Ask yourself why am I hating? Let me tell you: Because you havent done it yet.

Know aside from all the kidding my point is: All this increase in glitches are related to the ship costumization, right? Or am i just that unlucky? Is anyone else anoyed that the server they are in, excuse me-THE ENTIRE SERVER, just crashes like it has happened to me twice when you have tons of loot or are doing something important?

Can somone ask someone in live chat whats being done about this?...and whatever happened to the Navy Bastion? I would like to see one...maybe they should make a navy brig named like that. Ah how I spew ideas like a fountain

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