• Daniel Penfold

    Amid the warmth and glow of blazing bonfires, Pirates came together on Tortuga to dance, make merry, and stuff themselves on roast pork during five days of well-deserved feasting. We're not sure if he heard, but a few good-natured taunts were thrown out in Jolly Roger's general direction to boot!

    Bonnie O'Bailey of the Marceline Guild leads Pirates in a bit o' foot stomping frivoloty.

    The musicians on Tortuga kept Pirates steppin' lively - even ol' GM Thatch Roberts!

    The savory smell of roast pork caused GM Pete Abred to materialize, even if he didn't stand a ghost of a chance of eating any.

    A true Pirate feast if ever there was one! How did you and yer mates celebrate a Pirate's life during the Victory Celebrations?

    I think this was good to as…

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