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    What's better?

    September 19, 2010 by DatgdMadooko

    Me and my friends consider myself to be an expert trainer. One reason being, I maxed out a friend in about a month. I've been training for quite some time now and still going strong. I'm training about 8 people right now, and I have trained about 30 people total. You might not think that's a lot, but to me it is. 30 pirate lives just made easier :).

    Well the point of this post is to explain what's better for leveling up your pirate, what weapons to use while leveling your pirate, and which weapons are the better ones. Let's start off with where and how to level your pirate.


    Well, it all depends on your level! Don't go to Tormenta if you're a level 15... you'll end up dying before you can press T.

    I've come up with this list of levels an…

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  • DatgdMadooko


    August 14, 2010 by DatgdMadooko

    Well i just got banned for the first time, in the email it said that " We have found inappropriate language in your chat log shown below. " Ok, so I looked and it said Griefing with in a guild. -_- ok first of all griefing isnt a word and im speedchat plus and i cant even say that... second of all, wow, just wow... third of all " with in " should be one word. Disney is rude to me in emails anyways so I thought this day was coming. I asked why they don't respond do me in test server requests and then they say... EMAILING US WON'T MAKE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING TEST SERVER GREATER... Ok first of all i didnt really ask that and im a nice guy and disney is supposed to be nice - yup that sure made me happy. They're even confusing to me... well fi…

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