Well i just got banned for the first time, in the email it said that " We have found inappropriate language in your chat log shown below. " Ok, so I looked and it said Griefing with in a guild. -_- ok first of all griefing isnt a word and im speedchat plus and i cant even say that... second of all, wow, just wow... third of all " with in " should be one word. Disney is rude to me in emails anyways so I thought this day was coming. I asked why they don't respond do me in test server requests and then they say... EMAILING US WON'T MAKE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING TEST SERVER GREATER... Ok first of all i didnt really ask that and im a nice guy and disney is supposed to be nice - yup that sure made me happy. They're even confusing to me... well first of griefing was confusing to everyone in my guild and then i asked them if the 95 waves someone defeated in cannon defense was total or in one game and the guy said " Total! " and at the end of the email he said " that makes me want to practice since i can only get to wave 21 " my reaction - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - he said two different things answering one question... um??? So yah disney you keep it up soon your gonna lose me as an unlimited access member and a player on pirates online.

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