• David Whitaker

    Me Ship Ideas!!!!

    December 12, 2011 by David Whitaker

    ok so ill have 3 War Brigs

    War Brig:

    Black Sails + White Dragon


    Cargo 3 + Skull & Bones + Offense 2


    The Shadow Serpent (my favorite one and my main Flagship)

    War Brig:

    Red Sails + Black Rose


    Renforced 3 + Copperhead + Defense 2


    The Scarlet Rose

    War Brig:

    Blue Sails + Black Wings


    Streamlinned 3 + Storm Chaser + Speed 2


    The Storm Destroyer

    so what do ya think of my ideas

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  • David Whitaker

    Wouldnt this be cool

    November 19, 2011 by David Whitaker

    ok i got an idea for potco to do with the sword of triton here it is:

    {you reach lvl 50}

    Congragulations you now got the quest to get the LEGENDARY sword of triton

    here is the quest you have to do:

    Visit So-n'-so.

    Reward:10 Gold

    Defeat 1 of each enemy in the carribean:

    Kill: Bah

    Kill: blah...

    and so on

    Reward: 20 Gold

    (Bonus: Defeat 100 of each enemy:

    Blackbeard's Pistol)

    (just thought of a new legendary ^ lol)

    Defeat 1 of each ship:

    blah blah blah

    Reward: 30 Gold

    (Bonus: Defeat 100 of eaqch ship

    Reward: Blackbeard's Sea Globe

    (Thought of another legedary lol)

    Re-Recover The Black Pearl:

    Reward: 40 Gold

    Fish Out The Fire Dragon:

    Reward: Sword of Triton Upgrade to Famed

    Defeat The Queen Anne's Revenge

    Reward: Sword of Triton Upgrade to Legendary!

    lol so what do ya t…

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  • David Whitaker

    anyone willing?

    November 13, 2011 by David Whitaker

    ok so ive pretty much come to the conclusion i mu=ight not get the lost sword my the time trading comes out so if i still dont by then.. then is anyone willing to give up a second lost sword of theirs? ( ill comment if i have it by then or not)

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  • David Whitaker

    im currious of this

    November 13, 2011 by David Whitaker

    i was bored and looking at the brig page and on the talk i saw this one person say "the queen anne's revenge is a brig. they used the QAR as the foundation for a new ship modle and " a Short Cut" " now im cunfused what the user ment bu a short cut anyone know?

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  • David Whitaker

    has anyone else noticed that ppl r getting fewer and fewwer famed and legendary i mean its been 2 weeks since i got one and i normally get 1 every 2-3 days whats going on?

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