ok i got an idea for potco to do with the sword of triton here it is:

{you reach lvl 50}

Congragulations you now got the quest to get the LEGENDARY sword of triton

here is the quest you have to do:

Visit So-n'-so.

Reward:10 Gold

Defeat 1 of each enemy in the carribean:

Kill: Bah

Kill: blah...

and so on

Reward: 20 Gold

(Bonus: Defeat 100 of each enemy:

Blackbeard's Pistol)

(just thought of a new legendary ^ lol)

Defeat 1 of each ship:

blah blah blah

Reward: 30 Gold

(Bonus: Defeat 100 of eaqch ship

Reward: Blackbeard's Sea Globe

(Thought of another legedary lol)

Re-Recover The Black Pearl:

Reward: 40 Gold

Fish Out The Fire Dragon:

Reward: Sword of Triton Upgrade to Famed

Defeat The Queen Anne's Revenge

Reward: Sword of Triton Upgrade to Legendary!

lol so what do ya think ik i would do it for a few legendary weapon lol

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