Every year in December, the Caribbean comes together to celebrate the everlasting anniversary of the foundation of Partners In Crime, whose dexterity against combating the sands of time and all that she carries acts a symbol of the dedication and strength that can be found in the core of each and every guild across the Caribbean. It is a day that is meant to celebrate the achievements of all guilds across the Caribbean, and reflects the prowess of every pirate who has ever tested the waters of the seven seas with a guild tag proudly under their names. But what is actually being celebrated - the foundation of Partners In Crime - is only half of my guild's story.

In June of 2009 the unthinkable occurred; Partners In Crime was preparing to leave the waters of the Caribbean. After a year and a half run of what many of the guild's old members consider the "greatest times of their pirating lives," the sudden and sharp end of the original guild left many partners in shock and dismay. For them, Partners In Crime had become something more than a guild - it had become a family, and in the time of just over a year they had spent together they had gone through enough trials and tribulations that would often break the bonds between guildmates; for the partners, it only allowed them to grow stronger.

The prospect of continuing on without Partners In Crime was bleak, but so was the prospect of creating a guild to follow in it's place. A guild mired with such a chaotic past, many believed, would not be able to stand on it's feet for more than a month before collapsing under the pressures left behind by the old guild. Nevertheless, the partners in crime knew that without their partners by their side to pirate with them, they would be nothing; and so, they banded together, and created a new guild, to follow in the footsteps of the old.

Despite the countless troubles that faced the guild in it's earliest stages, and the many doubts that laid in the minds of it's members, the guild forged on. I am proud to say that today, this guild has gone above and beyond what many imagined it would accomplish; instead of surviving for three months, it has survived for three years, double the age of the original guild'; instead of garnering 20 pirates, it has garnered over 150, with roughly 40 pirate masters; and it's flag does not flutter below the waves of the ocean, but instead is held high above the masts of dozens of Victory Sharks that cover the ocean, and this guild's name is my own, Partners N Crime.

So while the Anniversary of Partners in Crime in December is meant to celebrate the legacy of the guild in the Caribbean, the Partners N Crime Anniversary in June holds dearer place not only in my heart, but perhaps in the heart of every Guildmaster. It tells the story of a guild that despite all odds, relied on friendship, courage, and determination alone to pull itself out of the deepest of pits, and acts as a day to recognize how the bonds between guildmates will always be able to triumph even the greatest of trials.

...But now it seems, there is another problem that we must face, and this one cannot be faced alone!

My original plans for the Anniversary of Partners N Crime was to be a usual celebration held in the Royal Anchor, where the partners, all of our friends, and I would be able to have a grand ole time. However, it seems that while we have let our guard down, the enemies around us have risen up and are preparing to launch a devious attack on a day of celebration! A few spies for the Brethren have taken note in the rise of not one, but TWO separate forces who are preparing to make an attack against the pirates of the Caribbean from their bases on the volcano island of Padres Del Fuego!

On one side, Lord Beckett's assassins of the East India Trading Company are gathering their strongest men to lead a raid on the unsuspecting partners in hopes of capturing their membership in the name of the King; on the other, Jolly Roger's Skeleton Army is preparing a devious, destructive curse within the depths of the island's cave system, hoping to bring the pirates to their knees...

We cannot allow this to happen!

With the help of some of the Caribbean's best navigators, cartographers, and sailors, we have devised a plan meant to counteract the attacks by the East India Company and Jolly Roger's Skeleton Army before they can even raise a sword against us!

I am calling on EVERY PIRATE to join us and raise their flags by our side as we prepare to make Caribbean history and take the islands by storm once more! We will be forming a SHIP BLOCKADE which will stretch from OUTCAST ISLE to PORT ROYAL, and then from PORT ROYAL to CUTTHROAT ISLE!

The blockade will suffocate the supply lines leading to and from the volcanic island, throwing the two forces of both Beckett and Jolly Roger in dismay! The ships will line up with their sterns (backs) facing towards Outcast and their bows facing towards Port Royal - on the second leg between Port Royal and Cutthroat, their backs will face Port Royal and they will point towards Cutthroat. (The blockade's path is showing on the map below along the gold dotted line.)

We will wait a few moments, all of our flags proudly flying in the wind, before we break formation and gather in a massive fleet of ships just off the southern coast of Port Royal, with our bows breathing down the necks of the island of Padres Del Fuego. Once all of our pirates are ready and in formation, I will release the commands to sail onward to Padres Del Fuego, sinking any enemy ships that hope to block our paths!

Follow where the hands to point to the giant black dot once the command is given to break the blockade - the black dot is where we will meet!

ONLY after all pirates have converged on the black dot will I give the command to sail towards Padres Del Fuego! Once we land on Padres Del Fuego, we will meet outside the entrance to the Lava Gorge at the Northern end of the island, where a giant mass of pirates will form ready to take on their adversaries within the caves!

Follow the giant hands to the arrow, where we will meet before the raid! DO NOT GO IN THE CAVES UNTIL ANNOUNCED!

From there, we will go on a rampage through every cave in Padres Del Fuego, ending with a giant brawl and celebration at General Darkhart's tent to mark our victory over the enemy!

What: OPERATION: Flags of the Caribbean - Celebrating Three Years of Partners N Crime

When: Friday, June 15th, 2012, at 9:00 PM Eastern (8:00 PM Central, 7:00 PM Mountain, 6:00 PM Pacific)

Where: We will meet on the BEACHES OF OUTCAST ISLAND, ANTIK, before forming the blockade and conducting the attack.

Why: To bring the guilds of the Caribbean together to fight for one another!


A Few Notes:

- This blockade is going to be GARGANTUAN in size - therefore, I need AS MANY PIRATES AS POSSIBLE! I have given you all a month in advance to help spread the word to every pirate you can find, so please, make your voice heard and help make Caribbean history!

- With large crowds means a need for organization - as with every event, before we begin I will need a representative from every guild present. GUILD REPRESENTATIVES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR COMMUNICATING WITH THEIR GUILDMATES - by entering my crew you are telling me you are willing to be a leader and keep your guild mates in the know about what is going on.

- Remember, the blockade is meant to be SINGLE FILE - do not try and push your way in to a specific part of the blockade. In order to make my life easier, if you don't have a spot, go down to the end and help build on to the line, do not try and push your way in.

- Remember to be patient and wait for the orders before moving on with the next phase of the attack!

Please do your best to spread the word of this event to every pirate in the Caribbean - it is in my hopes that with your mate's help, we can raise every flag in the Caribbean in one massive wave of pirate strength, and in doing so make pirate history with all of you!

See you all soon!

Prepare for war, mates!

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