Ahoy pirates,

Very recently it seems that the epidemic of misuse that has been going on in the Caribbean has reached a new level; a very small group of pirates has gained the ability to steal a pirate's account information simply by being in contact with your pirate.

These pirates are using scanner which allow them to tap in to the information of your pirate, which then allows them to see any information ranging from your pirates D-name right down to your password and account name.

Currently there are a few pirates in particular who are targeting a certain guild in these waters, and using the scanner to take pirates from that guild and then place them in to theirs - while wiping clean that pirates' inventory. There is no clear reason as to why these pirates have targeted that specific guild.

I implore that all pirates keep a low profile over the next few days - this means, do not go to servers that are normally crowded, as this is where much of the trouble has been stirring over the past few weeks.

I am withholding specific information on names of the pirates and guilds involved so to not stir controversy - however, if I have permission from the moderators/administrators, I would be more than glad to provide them.

Please stay safe.

~ Del

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