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    Site Policy Update

    June 9, 2016 by Dentface


    In light of the recent and ongoing merger between POTCO Wiki and TLOPO Wiki, our site policy has been updated. Please refer to this link to read about the changes.


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    Copied from Posted June 7, 2016, 4 a.m.

    Ahoy, all!

    The administrators from both the POTCO Wiki and the TLOPO Wiki are very proud and excited to present you with the news of a merger between the two wikis!

    Recently, the POTCO Wiki Admins approached the TLOPO Wiki Admins with the idea of a merger. After some discussion, mutual terms and conditions were agreed upon.

    All content from both wikis will remain as is, with the exception of making each look pretty with the other. Also, all staff positions will remain the same.

    The merger is still a work in progress! Once the merger is complete, we would like to invite the entire POTCO/TLOPO community in welcoming our new and improved "Pirates Online Wiki!"

    The Admins @ Pirates Online Wiki

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    As the era of POTCO fades into the sunset, Disney plans on expanding its virtual world portfolio. Today it was announced that Disney Interactive partnered with Area 52, a game development studio to create Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. Beta sign-ups are now available.

    Disney seems to be on a star fighter kick recently, with Star Wars: The Old Republic, the other currently running Star Wars MMO will also be releasing an expansion pack based on ship PvP in February 2014.

    While The Old Republic is contracted out to EA, Attack Squadrons is a full Disney product.

    What do you think of the announcement? Do you approve of what Disney is doing with "POTCO's money"?

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    After the closing of POTCO, a select few dedicated players were sent a very special momento by Disney. This gift was... the head of Jolly Roger himself.

    So far, only two players have been known to receive them, Pretty Polly, one of the most infamous and longest playing pirates, and Jinsai, who is famous for her magnificent POTCO films on YouTube.

    Despite Disney neglecting and closing POTCO, I tip my hat to whoever at Disney decided to reward these truly deserving Pirates.

    Just a reminder, if you wish to get a refund from any purchased unlimited access game cards, you should contact POTCO at before November 18th.

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    Hey everyone. So POTCO closed last Thursday, and it's left us wondering... where do we go next? I personally will be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, or SWTOR for short. I wanted to recommend it to you guys, since a lot of Wiki users as well as people from POTCO have transferred over. We're keeping that friendly atmosphere POTCO had alive in a guild on SWTOR, making the experience the closest thing to POTCO for me. I hope you all will take a look. :)

    SWTOR is an MMO like POTCO that is run by EA, one of the biggest video game companies in the world. I want to stress that Disney has absolutely no involvement in SWTOR, other than gaining a percentage of its profits. Also, SWTOR has a guarantee of being alive for the next 5 years (if not, lo…

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