Just wanted to make sure our females Testers are aware of a rare item currently on the Test Server.

I'm sure all you lasses are aware that the recent New Peddler Outfits (Garb of the Undead, New Year's, French Assassin) have been missing some key items like pants, or shirts.

That bug was fixed in early July on live servers, but NOT on Test. Because of this, it has left the Snapdragon outfit bugged.

Here's the ironic part. Instead of missing an item this time around, you ladies have an extra item. In addition to the Red Silk Bandana from live, ladies can get the Green Silk Bandana that is available to only men on live.

This most likely will be fixed with the next update to Test, which is probably soon, so I suggest you go out and buy it before then.

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 3.26.17 AM

There are also other minor changes to Snapdragon on Test, including the way they spell it. The name of the outfit is Snap Dragon instead of Snapdragon. Same goes with the male and females shirts.

And yes, I checked. Males don't have a Red Silk Bandana in stock.

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