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Ahoy everyone! I have a little bit of news that the POTCO Facebook page released earlier this morning.

I asked them last week why the new Capt. Black outfit wasn't on Test.

I already know vaguely why (because that bug fix patch from July 2nd wasn't implemented to Test). But I wanted to know why they didn't add that patch to Test already.

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 8.03.48 AM

This may mean more than we realize. Yes, we are getting a special new outfit, but there is probably more.

Ok, let me explain how the Peddlers work, in terms of coding.

They add code for different dates and times to release a specific outfit, and when that outfit will expire. They also code the entire year in 1 content update. So, last December, when Ship Customization came out, they changed the Peddler coding so we'd get this year's new outfits (I.E. French Assassin).

I'm guessing that they change this coding only with content updates. There may be an exception to this, and they might change the coding during a bug fix patch, but I hope not.

Therefore, it's safe to assume we will get some form of content expansion this month. And, it might be the size of Ship Customization's update, since we haven't had a real content update since March.

I can't promise you 100% that there will be an update, but this seems like the most plausible hint at something we've seen in awhile.

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