Ahoy mates! In the most recent maintenance today, POTCO was updated to game version This is a Live Server only release and probably just fixed some bugs. Test Server is still at version

There are currently no release notes, but if they are posted I'll update the blog.

Peddler Sets have been leaked again. You can now pick up Scourge of the Seas, Sea Serpent, Admiral, and French Fencer. Hurry and grab them quick as it's a leak and they're likely to be taken down any minute.

UPDATE: The leaked sets have been removed. You can still purchase Sea Serpent, Garb of the Undead, Raven's Cove Mercenary, and Capt. Black.

UPDATE 10/25: Sea Serpent has been removed.

Unofficial Release Notes

The following is based on fixes I've noticed in the game, these are NOT the official Release Notes.

  • The female coat in Garb of the Undead now displays its proper Zombie Pirate's Coat title instead of Error, No Name.
  • The male boots from Crimson Captain now displays its proper Red Trim Boots title instead of Error, No Name.
  • The typo in the title of the male shirt from Barbary Corsair has been corrected.
  • The female belt in Scourge of the Seas now properly has the Scourge of the Seas belt in the outfit ensemble instead of the previous Zombie Pirate's Belt.
  • The items in the Sea Serpent outfit now consistently display titles as Sea Serpent instead of Seaserpent or Sea Serpent Hunter.

Unofficial Known Issues

These are just a list of common bugs I've found in the game. They may or may not be known by POTCO, and there is no guarantee they will be fixed in the next release.

  • Attempting to enter a building or cave while undead during the Curse of the Muertos Moon causes players to crash to the desktop.
  • Using Hurricane Slash on a training dummy will cause everyone inside the building to disconnect from the server.
  • Cave and jungle portals may become unstable, preventing players from entering or exiting their current location.

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