December 12th - GMs Give Gifts This Weekend!

This weekend, December 14 – 16, the Marceline Guild GMs return to help make yer Winter Festival merry!

GM Captain Xavier Hench and his Guildmates will be gifting even more fantastically Famed items to good l’il Pirate lads and lasses they happen to meet on the main islands.

The jolly GMs’ gift bags will be stuffed with hard-to-find weapons like the beautiful Bejeweled Sabre, the blazing Bloodfire Broadsword, the Divine Cutlass, the Sacred Pistol, and the Grand Blunderbuss.

Basic Pirates, be on the lookout too! The Marceline GMs have Crude weapons that are found only in loot drops for you to equip also.

WHAT: Marceline GMs Make Merry

WHERE: Keep lookout on Port Royal, Tortuga, Cuba & Padres del Fuego

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 14: 12 – 1 pm (PST)
Saturday, Dec. 15: 12 – 1 pm (PST)
Sunday, Dec. 16: 3 – 4 pm (PST)

A happy Winter Festival to ye!

For more info on this event, be sure to visit it's page here.

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