For those who do not know what the Phase Files are, click here.

For years there have been Kraken and Davy Jones sound affects, models, and other various game features inside the Phase Files. Most people have suspected they put the Kraken on hold, or canceled it's production, which is why the Kraken and Davy Jones Phase Files content is just sitting there.

Well, since the update last week, they have been missing from the Phase Files.

Various Sound Effects, models, and maps are no longer there including:

Kraken Roar SFX

Kraken Growl SFS

Kraken Sink Ship Music

Davy Jones Flying Dutchman "Boss Battle (Presumed)" Music

Davy Jones Heartbeat Loop 1 SFX

Davy Jones Heartbeat Loop 2 SFX

Jar of Dirt Model

The "Dead Man's Chest" Model

The Davy Jones Model (of the actual character, Davy Jones)

Stuff is almost never removed from the Phase Files unless it's added back, revised in the future. (Seen this multiple times, Infamy badges, Scoundrel Hat, etc.)

So my speculation is this: Are they working on the Kraken? Will we see it this year?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. : )

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