Ahoy mates! I'm here to clear up some confusion about the recent server outages we've been having.

Firstly, these maintenances are not adding new content. New content is always added to the Test Server first, and will be covered on the Wiki before the content hits live.

Secondly, these maintenances will probably not require you to download an update afterwards, they are just general cleaning of the game's servers.

The game has a weak server client, therefore, the servers crash almost constantly. The maintenance outages the past few days are a result of this. Server crashes can cause strange happenings in the Caribbean. Your pirate may display the level "0". You may become Basic Access for no reason. And additionally, all your weapons, clothing and tonics will disappear TEMPORARILY. If this happens, try changing servers. If that doesn't work, I suggest you log out and wait a few hours. Staying on a crashed server can have adverse affects, causing you to lose your inventory permanently, as well as your guild status. However, these affects are extremely rare.

The maintenances that have been happening aim to bring the servers back to a stable status, but have failed up to this point. The reason they have closed the game for maintenance today without a re-opening time is so they can spend as much time as needed to fix it without having a stop-time looming over them.

Players will probably receive complementary Unlimited Access as well as a new redeem code (probably gold) due to the extended amount of time the game has been down.

Also, the Test Server is not down for maintenance, so if you are a tester, feel free to play there until the maintenance sessions are over.

If you would like to express feedback to Pirates Online regarding the current server status, and their extremely common server crashes, please email them at

Also, if you want to help us, the players ensure we get less server crashes, sign the Revive POTCO Petition!

Thanks for your time on this matter, mates.

Fair winds,

DentSig Message Wall

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