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For detailed information on our reasons for these new banning policies, please see here.

We have in-acted a new clause of our Policy recently, mandating that users must add photos they upload to a certain page on the Wiki. Be it a Message Wall Post, Blog Post, Blog Comment, User Page, or an actual Wiki Article. If you do not do so, the photo will be deleted within 24 hours.

This is where our new ban policy comes in:

If a user is a repeat offender with not posting images on pages, they will be given a short ban

Below is our ban time chart:

Warning Block Length
Notification* None
1 None
2 None
3 1 day
4 2 days
5 4 days
6 1 week
7 2 weeks

*Notification is for new users ONLY (under 60 days new to the wiki)

Some of you may find this harsh, but our sole purpose for doing this is to keep the wiki clean and organized. The Wiki is an Informational Database with community aspects. Not a place to dump photos that will not be used. We still encourage people to upload loot pictures, and other miscellaneous media, as long as they add them to a page of content somewhere.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and an admin will assist you as quickly as possible. : )

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