So I commented on the new PVP update video and YOUTUBE and POTCO responded, take a look:

Me (Dent14):AWESOME! It would be nice to have a glitch-free PVP. It is a good update, but is there anymore coming with it? (such as a new cave or something) Because just this seems a little small for over 2 months since something was released on test. I'm not complaining, just curious. Perhaps something big is in the works?

POTCO: @Dentface14 We have the same concerns. This video was just a sneek peek of the overall Infamy Rankings. There is more content and fixes coming with the next release. For example: New merchants on the Privateer islands will sell tattoos and scars to make your Pirate look battle hardened. We are also addressing the most recent exploits and weapon glitches as well as eliminating spawn killing, PvP kill stealing and re-working the PvP maps to make them more compelling. More to come, stay tuned.

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