NOTICE: I removed this blog earlier by request of the author due to his site showing unreleased content. Now that he has removed the unreleased content, I am allowed to post more images of released content. The content that was unreleased will not be coming to the game, and no its not the kraken.

Andrew Kelts was an employee at POTCO until just recently, he is one of the few that has been there since the game came out. He worked on multiple game contents including Raven's Cove which he said he enjoyed working on. He also worked on the main island redesigns, some character customization options, and ships. He has gratefully allowed us to use any images from his site on here. He has posted some models and videos on his website on the links below. There are some 40+ models and 3 Videos.

Click here for the gallery

Ship Tools Video Part 1

Ship Tools Video Part 2

Avatar Display Video

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