Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended the event, it was a wonderful and great success. I remember the moment when I launched my ship off of Port Royal, and saw that ring of blue ship icons surrounding the island. Absolutely epic. Again, thank you to everyone for making the event a true success. Yes, even you hackers who proved the fact that POTCO is being overrun by hooligans like you who absolutely want to ruin the game for pure devious enjoyment. : )

Thank you to JFr for making a really good video of the event:

POTCO Revive POTCO - New Year's Blockade07:35

POTCO Revive POTCO - New Year's Blockade

Below are a medley of screenshots taken by me, and many other members of the wiki:

For the THIRD time, thank you to everyone who came. We got Antik's server status to full, which was way more than what me, or the other petition panel members could have anticipated.

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