Release Notes - June 28, 2011

Fixes: Pirates can dare to become a "Scoundrel of the Seas." Set sail, plunder all you can from enemy ships and try to unlock all four Scoundrel levels. Enemy ship difficulty will increase based on the amount of plunder in your ship's hull. Added four Scoundrel levels of difficulty, each with its own jolly roger icon on the ship HUD (top-left while sailing). Optimized frame rate for flagship boarding. Fixed a bug where teleporting off a ship causes other Pirates to exit the Ship Repair mini-game. Fixed a bug where new Pirates could become stranded on Kingshead before receiving a ship. Removed "Scoundrel of the Seas" level while in Privateering (PvP) mode. Fixed a crash with Infamy.

Sccoundrel of the Seas is now live! go check it out.

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