Please note that the following blog is only speculation, and is in no way guaranteed to be the next update.

After seeing this picture on the Grog Blog, I may have found another hint at the possible next update.

The picture is of the old version of Padres Del Fuego, back before the Island Destructions. At first glance, you'd think this is POTCO just reusing old photos for news posts, but in-fact, this photo is new.

You see, in Summer 2010, POTCO's sky effects (day, night, sunset, etc) were redone. Padres was given the overhaul BEFORE the new sky effects were implemented.

The picture from the grog blog shows old padres with the NEW sky effects. This means that Old Padres was brought back to the developer's beta server.

Now, whether or not this means we'll be getting old padres back remains to be seen, however it does seem suspicious that they would go through all that work just for a screenshot.

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