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Grenade determination

I, Dentface (bureaucrat, sysop), nominate Rollback User: Ella Storm for promotion to sysop (admin) status.

Ella Storm has made 2,270 revisions since July 31, 2011

Editing Highlights

  • Added a very large amount of Loot Clothing info cards that were needed.
  • Contributed to the Notoriety Table which is currently on the Notoriety Page.
  • Updated the Inventory of all Blacksmiths and Gunsmiths.
  • Edits regularly and points out vandalism.
  • Contributed Greatly to Ship Stats.
  • Contributed Greatly to Ship Customization Upgrade requirements.
  • Took many screenshots of wild island dig spots.
  • Added a large amount of Phrases to the NPC Quotes page.
  • Pokes fun at admins and makes silly comics about them

Starts: January 21, 2012

Ends: January 29, 2012 (Wiki's 5th Anniversary)

Default Admin Color (if elected): Yellow (Same Shade as Bright Yellow Loot Clothes) Would the candidate please specify in the comments if he or she would like a different Administrative Color (preferably not something used by another admin)

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