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In the past couple years, Pirates Online has switched to an automatic Test Server approval system. This means that all Test Server requests will get approved faster. However, there is one catch. If you're approved you are not notified about it through email. That's where this blog's purpose comes in. To inform you that you MAY have Test Server access and not even know it!

Simply follow the steps below to see if you have been granted Test Server access:

Click one of the download buttons below, one for PC and one for Mac. They will begin installation of the Test Server Launcher.

Download button Download button hover

Download button Download button hover

PC Desktop Test Server Launcher
Mac Desktop Test Server Launcher

Once you have done so, open the launcher, and sign in with your live server account ID and password If it lets you in, YOU HAVE TEST ACCESS! If it doesn't, keep checking back periodically to see if you do.

Another plus of downloading the Launcher is that you can see the Release Notes for the Test Server, meaning you can know about new updates as soon as they hit Test.

Special thanks to our Admin, John Foulroberts for alerting me to this info.

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