We finally got another Test Update. But, lucky for us, its small. However, on the bright side, they did find lots of bugs, that are now in their known issues.

Release Notes - December 7, 2011

  • Fixed client crash when using "Take It All" to take loot from ships.
  • Black Pearl Quest now begins properly when first boarding.
  • Fixed client crash when skipping over the Black Pearl treasure map at the beginning of the Quest.
  • Fixed issue with the new materials appearing incorrectly on the loot screen and in Pirates' inventory.

Known Issues - December 7, 2011

  • Jolly Roger's face appears upside down in the moon during Invasions.
  • Pirates reappear in the same location where they sank while Privateering.
  • Areas appear too dark during the Cannon Defense Mini-Game, making it difficult to see some ships.
  • Current Ocean (server) not displaying properly in Pirates' Maps.
  • Gold Plunder message appears right after entering the Caribbean.
  • Client crash occurs when new Pirates attempt to skip through the Jolly Roger and Bo Beck scene while downloading is still in progress.

Additionally, the Christmas Event has started on Test, as well as live. Also, I'm not sure if this is new this year, or not, but the NPCs (Townsfolk) seem to have Christmasy Dialogue. (I.E "Fine weather ey? Poor blokes in England are freezing their backs off)

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