Release Notes - November 11, 2011


  • Fixed a crash when teleporting directly into an interior island area then exiting through a tunnel to the outer island.
  • Fixed other various crashes.
  • Fixed issue with landing in incorrect areas after teleporting to another Pirate who's gone through a tunnel.
  • Fixed issue with landing under island areas when teleporting to another Pirate who's just finished playing Cannon Defense.
  • Fixed issue with Pirates not being able to teleport to another Pirate who's recently played Cannon Defense.
  • Fixed bug where Basic Access Pirates could not board an Unlimited Access Pirate's public ship via the dinghy.
  • Pirates no longer get stuck after exiting out of Create-A-Pirate.
  • Founder Pirates gold status coins now displaying properly again.
  • On/Off Toggle now available for changing the sailing "Ship Look Ahead" camera view (in the Game Options menu - Interface tab).

Known Issues:

  • Black Pearl Quest does not start properly.
  • Pirates get stuck after being defeated in PvP.
  • Pirates can swim under the map in certain island areas.
  • Pirates swinging back after a Flagship battle sometimes fall through their ship.


In addition to many bug fixes, the Hull Upgrade, Copperhead now has a custom hull, to see pictures of that, visit Nicky's Blog, here. Also, the New Peddler Sets, Thee Diplomat and Halloween are no longer bugged. Thee Diplomat no longer displays the EITC Coat and Navy Hat, but instead looks similar to the Female Version. The Halloween Set is now mimicking the Female set as well. The Two new male Jackets, for sale at Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres Del Fuego still have not had their names changed from "Error, No Name".

To see the new versions of Thee Diplomat and Halloween, click their links in the above paragraph.

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