Release Notes - November 23, 2011

  • Fixed several disconnection and client crashes
  • Fixed teleport bugs during the Tutorial
  • Fixed the incorrect display of cargo amounts
  • Fixed the Brig ship graphics so the ocean below is no longer visible through the deck
  • Fixed issue where Pirates would fall into the water after exiting Governor's Gardens to outer areas of Port Royal
  • Pirates are once again notified when another Pirate teleports directly to them
  • The advanced Copperhead and Stormchaser ship upgrades have been pulled back into dry dock for more fine tuning
  • Added more new sail emblems

Known Issues - November 23, 2011

  • One Pirate taking over the ship's captain wheel from another Pirate may cause graphics to disappear

Although the Release Notes above claim that new emblems have been added, they have not. As soon as they are released (if ever) us tester editors will be posting pictures of them
Click here for Picutres of the new Hull Upgrade, StormChaser!

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