Update: Recently, it has been discovered that there is a lone major virus that can affect Macs. Apple has come out with an Anti-Virus patch that should be downloaded as soon as possible, as it is in similar nature as the virus plaguing the wiki, meaning the virus on the wiki may be able to affect Macs.

Recently, on both and (and now here), a Pirates Online member, suspected to be Axel, a known game content hacker has been posting links to a website that will AUTOMATICALLY download and install a virus into your computer if you click the link.

The virus in question is believed to be a keylogger, and it would appear the attacker has used the virus to try gain access of anyone's account. Wikia Staff Members, Admins, Rollbacks, anyone. We are taking the necessary steps to quarantine any links with malicious intent.

Please do not open any suspicious links on the Wiki (pages, chat, comments, message wall threads) with extreme caution even if you have antivirus software. If a new member or anonymous user posts any links to an unfamiliar website in an attempt to persuade you to visit, report the message an Admin or Rollback on their respective Message Walls immediately.

Active Admins:

Links to Off-Wikia sites are identified with this special icon next to the link: Screen Shot 2012-03-29 at 8.09.41 PM

If you see that, hover over the link with your mouse but DO NOT click. If the link seems out of place with the site it is taking you to, do not click it and immediately report it to one of the people listed above.

If a user sends you messages in Chat, on a Blog Comment, or on your Message Wall about "POTCO Hacking Tools", DO NOT click it as it is most likely the virus.

The virus' capabilities are vast including:

  • It will make your computer a part of a Botnet and give the attacker control over your entire computer (has access to any passwords, emails, and personal files on the computer)
  • The attacker can watch and hear infected users through their computer's webcam and microphone.

The Wiki is still a safe place, but it is important to keep an eye out.

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