We had a very fun time today celebrating 5 years of the Pirates Online Wiki.

We couldn't have done it without our trusty team of admins:

  • Eliza - If you hadn't found the wiki back in 2008, the wiki wouldn't be the same. Without you, we might not even have had this day to celebrate!
  • Obsidion - You came along and helped the wiki very much by becoming our executive bureaucrat.
  • Nicky - You have made countless edits when you joined, and helped add administrative structure to this wiki. As Eliza says, you are the "voice of reason".
  • Dent - Me. I have no comment about me... :D
  • Jz - You have been here much longer than me, and yet, you have been rollback for most of that time. You have been a great help to the wiki, and you deserved your recent promotion.
  • Ella - Congrats on your surprise early promotion today. Welcome to the admin group Ella. :)

Additional thanks to our inactive admins Gerard and Dog for editing. And also thanks to our founder, Jimmcq, all other previously demoted inactive admins, and Briggs, our active rollback. We couldn't have done it without you.

Congrats to our winners:

Recap Screenshots

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