Hello everyone! You may have noticed that we have covered the new section of POTCO very well! (Archives of every single news post from their website, as well as Test Server and Live Server Release Notes). However, we do have a big gap. POTCO used to send out monthly email newsletters to people who subscribed. (From July 2006-July 2009 approx) I was able to get issues 2 and 3, in their finished form, as well as most of them with images and text, but not in their original form (as they were sent in the email) If you have any emails in their original form, please upload them using our Upload Tool or Multiple Upload Tool. Just make sure the file type is allowed to be uploaded (there is a list of eligible files types on the pages). These newsletters may have multiple images to make up the one newsletter. If so, you can upload all the different images that make it up, or take a Screenshot of the email, and upload it.

After they stopped sending out monthly newsletters, they started making newsletters that featured an update, or redeem code. We would be grateful if you would upload those as well.

Found Newsletters

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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