Hey guys its Destroyer Maniac. I have a new pirate named Truest Jumper so if you see him its me lol

Also I am starting to make You Tube Videos, ( not as good as JFR of course xD ), and I am taking some requests on what Videos I should do. I can even make videos if you guys need help with something on the Wiki. I will also be taking requests for In Game related videos.

( I am working on a Long GUide to jumping for Beginners. It is in the process ATM )

NOTE: I will be losing Unlimited on JUNE 15th, so if there are Weapons you want me to do ' In action and/or Stats, let me know ASAP and i will do them ASAP :)

( You Tube Name- DestroyerManiac, I ahve only 2 videos, A PvP and a how to for the Wiki.)




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