I think we shold have similar bodies to the old bodies of potco, but have a bar changing the width and heigth of the avatar. Beards hairs mustaches only to be changed with FA (Full Access) Certain clothes, mostly pirate like clothes, but availbible in  peddlar stores, one-stop-shop-pirate blackmarket. Have bright  clothes, Black, Bright BLue, Bright ORange, Bright Pink, Navy BLue ( like potco's dark gray) Bright Red and Bright Green. Only to be looted with unlimited access, same with weapon types. skin clor can be changed, and so can features of pirates. Sabre is crude(brown), cutlass is common(white), scimitar is famed(green), and broadsword is legendary ( red). Guns muskets and blunderbuss's, along with dagger, grenade, Sailing, and cannon (voodoo doll and staff, i dont care if we add these, your choice). Leveling can go to 20 while basic, and fith full access, 60 skills getting all to 35. Quests such as weapon quests, quests for all islands. Also Game masters would be everyone on wiki who is helping, Suchs as Dewey Decimal, JFR, Lizard, Jumpie, JZ, will, AAron dent and anyone else who helps. Ships ae same as potco's except no light class. (except light sloop for basics). Feel free to add on with your opinions and details! in the end, I hope we can have a full idea for a new game :)

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