rofl so i was coming close to finishing the ravens cove quest and made it to the part where i have to fight el patron! so i go to the ship and get out my doll and boost my stats and approach the ship. then the "allmighty" el patron appeared and i attuned him. everything was going great until he did one thing! thats right. SUMMONED MINIONS! im like "come on!' that makes the boss fight so cheap and harder than it needs to be. i kept going back, hoping in vain that i can beat him when something weird happened. i went on the ship and el patron did not i walked around a bit, and at the bottom of my screen it said, "press shift to open loot skull chest!" so i opened it and could pick my cursed blade!...WTH! GLITCH!? idk but at the time of it i thought "hmm...maybe the game knows im too determined to give up so its just giving me the cursed blade!" XD I WONDER IF THATS REALLY IT :P

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