Posted by Sea Slasher on Jan. 12, 2017, 5 p.m.

Bad Luck and Bad Omens

Ahoy there, mates!

I've been feelin' an uneasiness in me bones recently.  Tomorrow be Friday the 13th, and ye all know what that means.  Ghosts, ghouls, and all sorts o' atrocities that we pirates fear be creepin' around... and Jolly Roger be no exception.

The Crew sent some spies into Jolly's ranks and they found out that startin' tomorrow, January 13th, Jolly's gonna be usin' his Aztec Moonstone to invoke the Curse of the Muertos Moon.  That means that all manner o' pirate will turn undead and attack each other.  Crewmate be attackin' crewmate.  A dreadful sight.


The Crew won't leave ye pirates alone without protection, we promise ye that.  Our spies made sure to grab a few o' Jolly's weapons on the way out.  Be sure to redeem the codes "darkfire" and "skull" by January 16th to unlock the Darkfire Cutlass and an all-new staff.  This also be the date that the Curse be fadin' away.

Bad Luck and Bad Omens 2

With this kind o' power, Jolly don't stand a chance!  Let's show Jolly who's boss!  Type /zombie in the chat to taunt him with a most thrillin' dance.

Good luck this weekend, mateys... ye'll need it.

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