Posted by The Crew on Dec. 15, 2016, 5 a.m.

Time to Dig for Gold!

Hello ye swashbucklers!

As you might have noticed, the festive spirit has begun to wash over the Caribbean. We bet even JOLLY Roger (haha, get it? No? Well, we tried) has been making his way around with a little prep in his step.

We here at the Crew can never get enough of you all. We enjoy seeing you  run around as you go about causing havoc. Because of this, although none of us here sport a fashionable white beard and a red suit, we decided to gift all of the pirates who hop on the game at any chance that they get. Beginning today, December 15th 2016, Beta keys will be made available through loot and digging!

We hope you are all enjoying these joyful days and that you’re having lots of fun in the Caribbean. Make sure to be some good little pirates and avoid Santa’s naughty list! Happy looting and digging, friends.

-The Crew @ TLOPO

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