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You Pirates sure have been busy! You have been wreaking havoc all over the Caribbean this weekend. The release of Beta was an absolute success, and mates let us tell you that it sure feels good to be back!

We have observed you as you ran around crewing up to destroy enemies and ships, ran around completing quests, fished the ocean clean, blasted away thieves in cannon defense, sprinted around in the rain, and most importantly: made lots of new friends!

Although you have all been magnificent, we would like to pass on the spotlight to the following players who have been nothing but adventurous these past few days:

Pirates - Enemies Defeated

Rank Pirate Name Score
1 JohnnyDaPirate 2962
2 Charles Warmonk 2927
3 Flix 2862
4 Will O'Wrecker 2823
5 Sofia 2732

Guilds - Enemies Defeated

Rank Guild Name Score
1 Olympians 24189
2 Dark Tides 19196
3 The E M P I R E 16799
4 Dark Archive 16134
5 L E G E N D S 7135

Pirates - Ships Sunk

Rank Pirate Name Score
1 Jaketeh 613
2 Roger Rubyskull 530
3 Jeremiah Hookwalker 525
4 Thomas Darkskull 498
5 Guts 478

Guilds - Ships Sunk

Rank Guild Name Score
1 Olympians 4474
2 The E M P I R E 4360
3 Dark Tides 3203
4 Dark Archive 2992
5 A E S T H E T I C 2459

Pirates - Poker Hands Won

Rank Pirate Name Score
1 Zeus 41
2 Enrique Calicopaine 25
3 Plankwrecker 24
4 Eric Stormskull 22
5 John Badshot 18

Guilds - Poker Hands Won

Rank Guild Name Score
1 Olympians 60
2 Notorious 41
3 The E M P I R E 24
4 B L O O D O A T H 20
5 Mildly Pro 18

Pirates - Blackjack Hands Won

Rank Pirate Name Score
1 Bones 65
2 Reilly 59
3 Joseph Ironskull 50
4 Jack Redhawk 41
5 Jason Seastealer


Guilds - Blackjack Hands Won

Rank Guild Name Score
1 A E S T H E T I C 165
2 Olympians 151
3 The E M P I R E 55
4 O'Fury's Court 31
5 The Onyx Creed 29

Game Statistics

We would also like to share some interesting statistics that we have collected.  Since Friday, December 9th, 3PM EST:

2,406,762 lines of logs were written.

321,550 Enemies have been defeated.

2,160 new accounts have been registered.

4,252 Pirates have been created.

509 Guilds have been made.

2,742 Codes have been redeemed.

14,373 Fish have been caught.

5,042 Potions have been brewed.

37,173 ships have been boarded.

196,774 chat messages were sent.

61,770 connections were made to our servers.

-- Along with a mere 37 songs played in taverns.

Now do you see what we mean when we say that the Caribbean has been a busy place?! Keep up the good work mates, keep plunderin’ yer days away!

The Crew @ TLOPO

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