When I found this wikia, I was so happy to see another existed beyond the on from Pirates Online Forums, which was in a sad state and no one seemed interested in preserving it.

Unfortunately, this wikia had at one time started well, but was left some time ago to its own. Most of the articles did not even refer to At World's End, let alone the coming On Stranger Tides.

Nearly a year later, and 7x the number of articles - a bustling little community thrives here. I have no intention on taking credit. If I did anything it was to get the ball rolling and lay some groundwork. I've been grateful that many of my ideas and structures stay intact and the Wikia thrives.

As a Guild Master, I already have a lot going on in the game - that coupled with my real life issues does make it hard to dedicate the amount of time a Bureaucrat should. Recently there has been discussion of a changing of the guard. And I'm all for it. My ego does have to take a backseat and acknowledge I don't have to be the top dog here to make a difference.

In coming weeks, likely we will do some shuffling around and I'll still be working here but less in an executive way - and believe me thats a hard power to give up.

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