Release Note - May 17th


  • The Queen Anne's Revenge has set sail. Be on the lookout.
  • If ye be brave enough to attempt to face her wrath, ye must disable, grapple and board the vessel.
  • The Queen Anne's Revenge employs new enslaved enemies and boss as her crew. A crew of mates is highly suggested.
  • The Queen Anne's Revenge has been known to stalk the Wild Islands. Consult your World Map to find her path.
  • Added in-game messaging to announce the Queen Anne's whereabouts.
  • Added additional loot when all waves of the Queen Anne's has been defeated.
  • Crews will swing over if the captain is unavailable during flagship battles.
  • Adjusted the Queen Anne's Revenge difficulty - enemies on deck will have their difficulty based on the level of the Pirates in the boarding party. The higher the Pirate levels, the more difficult the Queen Anne's crew will be.
  • Added new NPC dialog.
  • Two new bosses have been added on Isla Cangrejos and Cutthroat Island.
  • The Sword of Triton has an added skill: Triton's Vengeance.
  • Added bonus Jumbee damage to the Triton's Vengeance skill.

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