• Various quests that required you to dig in certain locations have been fixed
  • Players can once again progress through the tutorial without the game freezing while attempting to see Tia Dalma, Elizabeth Swann, or Captain Barbossa
  • Players can once again talk to townspeople when in battle NPCs will no longer attack players when they are talking with townspeople or attempting to launch a ship
  • El Patron now laughs every so often when you attack him
  • El Patron now disengages from you if you jump into the water or attempt to leave the area
  • Using the mine shaft elevator now has a sound effect associated with it
  • Crazy Ned no longer walks around at night
  • Teleporting to a player in Raven's Cove Jail or any of the ghosts' houses no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed a crash when catching a fish during Double Rep weekends
  • Launching a ship from Port Royal or any of the any other major islands at night causes only the sailing music to play
  • Bosses that were not dropping loot sacs or chests (Devil Root, Croquettes De Crabe, Scatter Snap, Malicioso, and Hive Queen) now can drop loot sacs and chests Fixed more potions minigame crashes
  • Fixed various collision and texture issues on Raven's Cove Island
  • Anyone can now use the top of the mine shaft elevator to go back down to the main part of Raven's Cove
  • The Pirates Code no longer applies to ghosts

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