• The 'Defend the Traitor' quest is now time-sensitive. After 3 minutes the quest resets so that other players may use the grave
  • Fixed Crazy Ned interaction that was crashing servers
  • El Patron now disengages if you try to draw him onto the bridge
  • A fire bat exploding near you while being revived no longer makes you stand up
  • Fixed exploit where turning in your quest to Madam Zigana while having a full inventory would advance the number of ghosts you helped in the 'Visit Ghosts of the Island' quest
  • Flipped Jolly Roger's image on the moon during invasions
  • Lowered bridge by El Patron's ship so it isn't off the ground
  • The 'Get the Last Idol' quest now correctly states that you need to defeat four ghosts around the grave marker
  • Fixed gold shown in stowaway and bribe quests when you have 0 gold
  • Fixed crash when competing in an invasion on Port Royal while downloading the game
  • Fixed crash when interacting with Senor Fantifico
  • Fixed crash when teleporting to someone in El Patron's Mine
  • Fixed more potion minigame crashes

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