OK so heyyyyyy again guys yea I know it would normally say 'lol' right their but im not hyper right now :( I wish I was. Well anyway here are some updates and things,

Yea well my computer has been being a shakalaka latley ( lol ) so I avent been posting that much things... Well anyway if you have read the mesage on pirates, it has said that they were able to trace the problem to misconfigured hardware from the maintenance performed Monday, 6 AM (PST) on February 7, 2011. SO I am very happy about that. But while that was down I had a chance to play a game called WolfQuest sooo much, but however easy and I completed it in less than 2-3 hours maybe? Well its really fun and I loved it. Also an update on my howrse game witch is going amazingly great I have fuffiled myself parshly. I have 3 unicorns ( woot woot lol ) and a dimond apple coated horse ( the dimond apple has been dissconected for forever :( ) so im very happy about that I had 1 named stars but then I sold it because another player wanted it or 6000 EQ ( money ) so I couldnt pass up the offer. Another update is I watched the grammy's OMG im so glad m&m won I looove his music. Here are all the winners.

And the winners are…

Pop Duo or Group – TRAIN

Female Country Vocal – Miranda Lambert (“The House That Built Me”)

Best Rock Album – Muse (“The Resistance”)

Best Pop Vocal Album – Lady Gaga (“The Fame Monster)

Best Country Album – Lady Antebellum (“Need You Now”)

Best Song – Lady Antebellum (“Need You Now”)

Best New Artist – Esperanza Spalding

Best Rap Album – Eminem (“Recovery”)

Record of the Year – Lady Antebellum (“Need You Now”)

im not sure if these are all of them but im also glad that justin bibier didnt win!!!!!!!! ^-^ (sorry people that love him/like him I hate him)

Here are some movies that would be really funny to see and just plane cool and exciting

Big Momma like father like son

Green hornet

Just go with it

Gnomeo (it looks really cute ^-^)

Well ill update more THANKS GUYS/GIRLS

Oh and also on my youtube channel I will be getting a new video cammra on my birthday so I cant wait!!!! (my birthday is April 27) or if I get some money for valintines day and also HAPPY VALINTINES DAY :D I got a longhorns wallite I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been sighned by your famous

- Apalose Ashton

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